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I am getting a little tired of this OC transpo strike. The bus drivers are being stupid! I know people have their rights to protest, but a bunch of strikers blocked a road that students needed to take to get to their finals. One female got out of her car and begged the drivers to move. She was in a van full of people trying to get to school. They all resulted to carpooling because the buses are no longer in service. The ignorant crappy bus drivers wouldn't move. Some kids got out of their carpools and walked in the snow all the way to their exam.

I understand how much we should appreciate the bus system, but some bus drivers arnt even good at their job! Some drive like crazy idiots, most never announce stops, and some are just plain rude! They are pathetic! To those who are good bus drivers... I am sorry you are not getting your demands, but your picked this as your career! So stop punishing STUDENTS and get your lazy fat asses back to work!

Wanna know how much in cab fare I would have to pay to go to school every day? 50 BUCKS!! EVERY DAY!!! Isn't that disgusting?!! FUCK!!

Jimmy Dean Lyrics by Hunter Valentine

I don't wanna make love
I wanna fuck with no feeling
I don't want no sweet valentine
I want a shot of jack to forget this time
and yes I think your pretty
but I don't give a shit what you have to say
and I may be an asshole
but I've bin shot down, beat out.

and when you walk away
you walk away with my feelin
and I don't care
and when you walk away
you walk away with my feeling
and I don't care no I don't care
no I don't care.. yeah.

she says i knew?
and she has long brown hair
and a dolphin tattoo
she told me she was sporty
she likes astrology and Arnie dean
I told her I was vegan
but I hate sunny shakes just give me bloody steaks
I told her that I loved her
but its a crock of shit that she just cant resist

and when you walk away
you walk away with my feelin
and I don't care
and when you walk away
you walk away with my feeling
and I don't care no I don't care
no I don't care.. yeah.

and when the shots ring out
we say I don't love you, don't love you, don't love you
and when the shots ring out
we say I don't love you, don't love you, don't love you
and when the shots ring out
we say i'm gunna watch you cry as I walk on by

I love these lyrics. I get soo excited when I listen to them! Hunter Valentine is a kick ass Lesbo band for those of you interested in listening to their stuff.

1 credit down... a million more to go..

Things have been rather busy. I just finished my Parenting course in school. Passed with an 85%. I was pleased. I am almost done my Careers course, and I am slowly finishing my stupid English course. I know my English marks have dropped, but I am far from failing, which makes me happy. I also completed a assesment for grade 10 locally developed math haha. I don't know if I passed though. I am taking one to get my Careers/Civics credit, as well as my Gym, Art, and grade 10 Science credit. If I pass all of these then I will have my full 16 credits (since I have most of them from 9 and 10).. PLUS my grade 12 english soon, Parenting now, and careers by next week... so thats like 19 credits! Only like 11 more to go haha.

Jessica's birthday is Wednesday. Going to Red Lobster! Totally excited about it. Jenny and Mark are coming as well. Robert also may be coming, and of course Nick! Kristina doesn't want to come but oh well. We will have a good time any way. Kristina is moving out Jan. 1st, as long as she finds a place. I think it will be good because there will be more room, and she will have her own space. This place is way too tiny for so many people.

I am excited for Christmas... almost done my shopping. Spent a lot of money so far.. but it was all worth it. Saw Barb last week.. it was a short but nice visit. Always good to see her. Also got in touch with a guy named Jared I once kinda knew. We have hung out a few times, and it's always an interesting, but fun time. Jesse seems to enjoy his company a lot! I think it's because Jared is funny, and LOVES to embarrass me! Well I don't think he does it intentionally, but Jesse loves the fact my face goes red every time Jared does something insane in the middle of the mall.

I am in the middle of making stir fry, so I should get back to that.

Confessions Survey thingy

Do you love you ex?: No

What did you last cry over?: Being Stressed out over my mother inlaw

Who was the last person you said I love you to?: Jessica

Who last slept in your bed?: Jessica

Were you with them?: Yes

Where do you want to be?: Here...?

Who do you want to be with?: Jessica of course

Do you honestly love your friends?: Yes..but Jessica, Ashley W, Kayleigh, Robert, Ashley S, Nick, and Katrina (yes I still love Katrina eventho she has kinda vanished)..those are the people I love with all my heart <3

Who can always make you happy?: Jessica

Who do you love to talk to the most?: Kayleigh because the convo is normally full of gossip and joking around haha and I love it!

Who hates you?: Probably Lori Ferrier

Who do you hate?: Genna Leblanc, My ex boyfriend Thomas, Jessicas ex gf Jessica, and few members of Jessicas family! :O

What are you doing right now?: Doing this survey thingy

What are you talents?: HAHA.......

How often do you cry?: Probably at least 2wice a month. Yep I'm a baby

What did you do last night?: Nothing much... shopped a bit

Would you ever go back out with an ex?: NO

Have you ever used a condom?: Yes

Are you a virgin?: Lmao No

Is your boyfriend/Girlfriend a virgin?: NO

What's the last movie you watched?: Babys Mama (today)

Ever been in true love?: Yes

Ever smoked?: Yes.. I quit tho

Done drugs?: Yes..

Gotten high?: If I could smoke weed every weekend.. I would!

How tall are you?: 5'3

Given a lap dance?: Yes

Made-out?: LMAO every day!!

Rolled on the ground w/ the opposite sex?: wtf? Sure

Bungie Jumped?: I WISH!

Sang Kareokee?: Yes lmao.. it was bad

Been wet with your clothes on?: Yes I hate that

Seen the opposite sex naked?: Yes.. it aint pretty

Laughed at somone?: Yes all the time (Mainly nick)

Looked at someone funny?: All the time

Made fun of the way someone looked?: YES.. im a bitch.. but im from angus.. wat do u expect?

Been in a fist fight?: Yes

have you had "the talk" with our parents?: Not really actually

Been touched by the same sex?: HAHAHA YES SIR!

Ever been Horney?: Yep

Looked at porn?: Of course..

Touched a genital of the other sex?: Yes..

Touched the genital of the same sex?: Yep

Thought about sex?: All the time

Had a "dirty" dream?: Yepp

Favorite animal?: Cat

Least favorite animal?: ummm.........Hampster?

Most missed Memory?: Hanging out with James, Ashley, Kayleigh, Katrina, and Robert... I dunno why..
but I miss those days tons!

Given oral sex?: Yes

Anal sex: Good or bad?: Depends

Your breast size?: DD

Your idea of the "perfect" breast size:? Big C or D

Cock size?: As in my vibrator? HAHA

Your idea of the "perfect" cock size?: 8 Inches (Because most men say they are 8 inches but really they
are 6 or under haha)

Had a bad room mate?: YES

Who?: Iain, Erin, Luke, Lisa, Amber... but I wish things would have gone differently would Amber

Miss any of your female friends?: Yes.. kayleigh, Ashley W, Ashley S, Katrina, Nikki, Mandy, and Barb

Miss any of your male friends?: Yes... Robert, Ben, Catlin, Chippy, and James

Who is your Number 1 best friend?: Ashley

Number 2?: Kayleigh, Robert, and Ashley Sutton

Number 3?: Jesse, Barb, and Catlin :) But i love everyone!

Out of those friends you just mentioned.. who has hurt you the most? Be honest!: Barb

Out of those friends you just mentioned..who have you hurt the most?: ummmmmm maybe barb? I dont know... I don't fight with any of them lol

Do you miss being close to any people you are no longer friends with or very close to now?: Yes

Who?: Angela, Amber, david, and James

Why?: Because we had awesome times together! Angela and me always have fun and Amber and I were sooo close at one point... and I use to adore James.. eventho he is a fuckin idiot...and David... I dont understand him

Tag the people you mentioned!

Moved and stuff

So I am all moved in. The apartment looks so great. It's going to be a lot easier to keep this place clean because it's smaller. I love it though. I have a huge walk in closet in my room. It makes me happy!

School is going okay, but because of the move and stuff I havn't had much time for it. Things will be back to normal by next week thankfully. I hope my teacher doesn't freak.

So last tuesday... the night before I was supposed to move... diane and Kristina got into a huge fight. Diane kicked Kristina out for no reason really.. so Kristina punched dianes door and it was a huge fight. Diane called the cops. She then kicked me and nick out just for the hell of it! Said she hated us and didn't want us there pretty much. LIKE WHAT THE FUCK! I never even did anything lol. So we were stuck sleeping in an empty apartment for the night. Thank god we got the keys that day. It was so stupid. I get angry even thinking about it. Oh well its over.. im so glad to be away from the bitch. Cuz fuck.. i hate her.

Moms coming this weekend! For thanksgiving! And I am making a huge turkey and dinner. First time my mom will be having one of my big dinners. I am so excited about it. It will be so good to see her! I miss my mommy. I really mis dad too :(. I wish he could come see me. But he is busy. Heidi is really bad... she dosnt think shes going to make it :(. Well we already know she wont make it but she dosnt even think she will make it till like Xmas. It's sad and I hope she does. She has lost all her hair now... and I feel even worse for my dad cuz he is a bundle of nerves. He is always sick with worrie. He misses soo much work too over it. Staying up listening to her to make sure shes breathing all night. Its horrible.

Anywayz.. enuff sad stuff.... I am listening to a record of Barb and her friend Anna. She sounds amazing. They both do.. but barbs voice gives me goosebumps.

Moving again!!! wtf/!?!?!

Totally moving again! Can't wait. Just moving down the street to a new apartment. It's smaller but its really nice! AND WE WON'T BE LIVING WITH DIANE ANY MORE!!! YAY!!!!! So stoked about that.

Busy times ahead of me! School is crazy busy when it comes to the work load. I'm in school almost 4 hours a day and it's really not enough! I have to go to the dentist either Monday or Tuesday to get my tooth fixed. I am not looking forward to the pain! At least it will be all over with soon though. On the 28th I have a concert to go to. I am going with jessica to see Apocalyptica. Looking forward to it. They are pretty much a classical band that covers some amazing songs. They cover quite a few metallica songs. I love it! Jessica found the tickets on the side of the road. They must have fell out of someones pocket! FREEE CONCERT!! YA!

So we get the keys to the new place on the 30th. Then on the first we have to wake up at like 7 and bring all the boxes from my room upstairs. Then we have to bring the beds upstairs as well. Jessica has to go and get the truck at around 8 or so.. and then when she gets back we have to load it up. Thankfully Me, Jessica, Nick, Kristina, and Jesse will all be doing it. kris and Jesse are offering to help :). So the truck will probably have to be loaded 2wice because its a small truck and we have a lot of stuff... so hopefully we are completely moved in by 12. Then Jessica has to go to court and fight some parking ticket! While shes doing that nick will be organising some stuff and Jesse will have already went to school. Kristina and me will have to go down town and get Jessicas pay check. When shes done in court she will have to go cash it and then we have to take the truck back and pay for it...... THEN we have to unpack everything and get organised because we cant take much time off of school.


OOOOOOO by the way! jessica and Kristina are in school now too! Yep... i got the sleiman devils to come to school and get their learnin on! So proud of those two.

Thats all for now

Dear Krystle

Dear Krystle

I just talked to chippy and Lauretta. They just said their good byes to you... Lauretta said you looked beautiful. She said you finally looked like you were at peace. All the pictures of you in the hospital showed how much you didn't wanna be there.. but now your in a better place.

I miss you a lot. I wish I could be there to say my goodbyes to you. This is the only other way I know how. I want you to know that I always adored you. I loved you from the minute we hung out. We were deff. the hottest girls at the dances lol. I loved dancing with you! You were so fun to be around! And I loved the fact you were always there for me when me and hrvoje had problems. You were such a sweet heart. You always helped others.. even though life wasnt always fair to you. Especially when you went through your mike drama! FUCK I HATE THAT KID! He didn't deserve to be there to see you tonight but he was. He cried and I think he feels pretty guilty for all the shit he did to you! I bet your laughing and smiling about that eh??

Today your getting buried. But I know your already watching down on all of us wanting us to cheer the fuck up!! U hate people being lame and sad! But some times we just cant help it ya know?? Your amazing. It's hard losing someone so fucking awesome! I know a lot of us havn't been there to chill with you in a while! But its hard when we all live like all over Ontario. But dude!! We will for sure have one huge W ross Reunion one day! It will be fucking awesome! Me, You, Chippy, Tyrone, Calvin, Catlin, Mike, Lauretta, Mudasir, Kylie, and Kerry. GEEZ we are such an odd bunch eh?! I don't even really know Kylie, and Kerry and I havnt always got along.... but I will for sure hang with him as long as I get to see u! HAHA. Anywayz... I love you. Always have and always will. I will always think of you.

Bye For now Sweetie
Love always

My 20th Birthday

Okay well I am feeling a bit better today. Krystles funeral is tomorrow. I wish I could be there...

So My birthday was good. I got a lot of presents this year. I was really excited about that. Here's what I got...

Dad- Chucky doll that talks and comes with a few weapons!
Mom- She took me for lunch, got me a stuffed Hello Kitty doll, perfume, hair stuff, and a bunch of stuff from Avon.
Tyler- 20 bucks and a card
Nick- Living Dead Doll ( He is a grim reaper pretty much with a skull face!)
Jesse- A Pink Gloomy Bear! It has claws and they are teddys that eat people! lol (well not really)
Kristina- A glass betty boop on a motorcycle! Fucking awesome
Diane- Betty boop Pencil case for school and an awesome betty boop top!
Jenny- A cute card and a nemo fish candle
Jessica- A betty boop shot glass, a betty boop Poster, Joker Poster, Betty Boop tin Sign, Living dead doll (she has glass all over her because thats how she was killed), a living dead doll baby that has horns and looks like a devil, a living dead doll bobble head, and a hello kitty birthday ice cream cake from dairy queen, and a bunch of betty boop pins for my bag.

So ya the gifts were freaking great! it was the first time I got a shit load of stuff for my birthday in years! Ashley and jess always buy for me but this year a bunch of people did! Awesome!

Jesse came over and we opened gifts together. I got him a baby Blue t-shirt that says "talk nerdy to me", and jess and I also got him an EB GAMES gift card for 10 bucks. Kristina got him a knuckles stuffed toy, and nick got him dishes (he really needed them). OHH and we made him an awesome card! Jessica wrote Happy on her boobs, Kris wrote 26th on her boobs, I wrote Birthday on mine, and nick wrote JESSE on his ass lmao! We took pics, got them developed and put them on his card! Haha it was awesome. Ohh and jesse made me a really great youtube card. He was dancing in it! omg I loved it :D


My dear friend Krystal has passed away from Cancer. I am too broke to go all the way to chattam but I do love her and I am sure she knows it. Her death brought a lot of old friends back into my life. We all started talking again. She is truly an angel. Me and chippy are realizing how much we miss each other as well. We started talking about old times... God I miss krystal and everyone. R.I.P baby.

Barb and I started speaking again. I realise how important friends are to me ya know?? And Lauretta is moving in september. All the way to BC. I may never see her again. All these people I love in my life are leaving or have already left. It hurts a lot. I miss everyone.

Wat a shitty day :(
4 more days until my birthday. I am super stoked!! Oh and my room is finally done. It is blood red. Its looking great. I have to spray paint some of my shelves black still. I got jesse's present. I hope he likes it. He got mine... cant wait to open it. Still cant wait for our party in Aug either! gotta buy kristinas gift still lol.

Lookin foward to going back to school and working. But until then I have been working out because we set up some of dianes work out equiptment in the other room. We are all making good use of it.

Life is finally coming together and getting better. No more stress.... well i guess there is always stress...... but its getting better thats for sure! I jus need to let go of the past and not worry about the crap that gets said about me. I know who I am and I am proud of who I am. I have acomplished a lot in life. I am pretty fucking awesome actually. And so is my wicked ass girlfriend. Fuck I love her. SOOO cute.

Missin my ashley tho and wishing she was around for my b-day </3